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Highlighting recent developments in encoded library platform technologies: chemistry, selection biology, informatics and new applications

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The 2017 Second Boston Symposium of Encoded Library Platforms (BSELP) will be held at the Brandeis University campus in Waltham, MA on Friday, August 4, 2017.  Our guiding intent is to assemble world experts and passionate followers of encoded library based platforms (DNA-encoded libraries, aptamers, affinity selection/mass spectrometry) to share in a day of presentations, posters and discussions of this fast moving field of science.  We hope this symposium will enhance common understanding of the latest developments of these technologies and their applications in drug discovery and chemical biology, and connect scientists for knowledge sharing and possible collaborations.

Organizing Committee

Prof. Isaac Krauss (
Dr. Robert Goodnow (
Dr. Letian Kuai (
Dr. Ninad Prabhu (
Dr. Chris Davie (

Note: GRC Medicinal Chemistry begins on August 6, 2017